Alan McSheehy
Director of Photography
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Additional Photography - Series 4

Producer: David Brown
Directors: David Brown
                            Mathew B. Roberts
                     Mairzee Almas


Waterloo Road
12 x 1Hrs for BBC
Producers: Lizzie Gray
                         Simon Meyers
                     Fiona Black
  Directors: Pat Harkins
                             Roberto Bangura
                      Craig Pickles
                       Fiona Walton
                        Sarah Walker


River City

20 x 1Hrs for BBC
           Producers: Kieran Hannigan
                         Ciara Conway
                    Mike Ellen
                         Stuart Davids
                      Morag Bain
Directors: Ade Bean
                                Adrian McDowall
                         Fiona Walton
                       Karen Kelly
                     Jeff Naylor
                          David McKay
                            Graham Moore




3 x 90mins for SMG
Producer: Graeme Gordon
Director: Ian Madden



The Bill

6 x 1Hrs for ITV
Producers: Sylvie Boden
                          Andrea Sapsford
                                Lachlan MacKinnon
Directors:   Richard Signy
                            Richard Standeven
                   Diana Patrick
Don't Drop The Baton
2 x 30min for BBC
Producer: Jackie Sinclair
Director: Ian Curtis
The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek
6 x 30min for BBC
Producers: Mandie Fletcher
             Robert Gray
  Director: Mandie Fletcher
Limmy's Show
18 x 30min for BBC
Producer: Rab Christie
Director: Brian Limond
6 x 30min for BBC
Producer: Rab Christie
Director: Iain Davidson

18 x 30min for BBC
Producer: Alasdair MacCuish
Director: Alasdair MacCuish
16 x 30min for BBC
Producers: Eric Haynes
                    Nick Hopkin
              Directors: Ciaran Cruickshank
                      Louise Wilson
First Degree
9 x 30min for BBC
Producer: Catrin Evans
Director: Bill Broomfield
Kings Of The Wild Frontier
30min Newfoundland film for SMG
Producer: Gaynor Holmes
Director: Andy Goddard
The Rosslyn Enigma
30min Promo for Scottish Tourist Board
Producer: Sharon Ravenswood
Director: Tim Maguire
This Old House
10 min short film for BBC
Producer: Ian Burgoyne
Director: Jack Lothian
Back From The Dead
30 min comedy for channel 4
Producer: Angela Murray
Director: John MacLaverty
30 min film for channel 4
Producer: Paolo Proto
Director: James Larkin
Drama Queen
10 min short film
Producer: Sara Harkins
Director: Jon Pope
BBC Choice Idents
8 Channel Idents for BBC
Produced & Directed by Hamish Barbour
McConnechy's Tyres
Daily Record
Dickens Furniture
Thomson World Of Furniture
Music Promos
Franz Ferdinand - Can't Stop Feeling
Captain Shifty - Whatever You Do
The Paul Rose Band - 3 Tracks
2nd Unit
Monarch Of The Glen
Sea of Souls
Murder Rooms
People Like Us
Rock Star
Golden Wedding
Glasgow Kiss